How To Have A Closet Purge + Upgrade your wardrobe

Find your fashion style and have a closet purge!

Clean out your closet and keep less.

Have a date with your closet and spend a day with it!

If you’re learning with this blog how to find your fashion style, you should know that you need to clear out your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn something in the past one year or, it needs to go. You need pieces that fit the style you want to get, that are high-quality, well-made, and timeless.

We can’t lie that we sometimes buy something because it was on sale (guilty!), but we don’t think in that moment that we don’t have anything to pair it with, and let me tell you this is the easiest ways to end up with a closet full of things and “nothing to wear”.

The style that you want to achieve doesn’t come with having more options

It actually gets harder to be defined, so you are going to need less to choose from, trust me that getting ready will be super-easy and when you go shopping you will be more likely to buy more variations of that fashion style so you can continue building it.

Try new things and shop accord affordability and try new things

Live within your means and upgrade as your account upgrades, stay in line, don’t go above in your style spending, there are a lot of cute things that are affordable and be consistently chic.

Do not limit yourself!

Remember when it comes to finding your style: do not limit yourself, try things that fits you the right way and see if it works for you. You can do it.

Leave a comment below about how you like to clean your closet and vamp up your wardrobe.

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