Bridal Preperation

You’re getting married!

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Whoa, exciting! So, now what?

There’s a lot to think about now that you’re getting married. You’ve probably subscribed to all the coolest bridal magazines, started window shopping for dresses, and maybe you’ve even booked the venue, but have you started thinking about the train?

  • Do you want a wedding train?

  • What’s the best wedding train?

  • Do I even need a train? 

These are all valid questions, but let’s keep it simple for now and start with the basics. What even is a wedding train?

What is the train?

Your train is an extension of your wedding dress. It’s a length of fabric that trails behind your dress. It can be any fabric, although it’s typically lace. 

How to wear your train:

It can attach around your waist like a belt, across your shoulders like a cape, or it could be sewn to your dress. Some people prefer to fasten it with magnets so it can be removed.

Most popular train syles:

Sweep Train

  • Length: Six inches longer than the skirt of the dress.

  • Great for brides getting married outdoors or for those that are a bit more low-key.

Chapel Train

  • Length: Twelve to eighteen inches longer than the skirt of the dress.

  • This train adds a subtle touch of drama to any dress.

Cathedral Train

  • Length: At least twenty-two inches longer than the skirt!

  • This is a fun option for those that don’t mind asking for a bit of help to get down the aisle.

Royal Train

  • Length: This is the most extended training, measuring at least a yard long. 

  • Use this train to add lots of excitement and drama to your big day! Recruit a flower girl to help you down the aisle and a bridesmaid to make sure your train is situated as you say your vows.

How do you wear your train for the big day?


Pins are available in different sizes and designs, and you can pin the train up the moment you want to dance. The only drawback is that the wedding dress can be slightly damaged if you wear a wedding dress with fragile fabric such as silk


You could place a loop at the bottom of the train. Wind it around your wrist or finger for more freedom of movement.


Maybe you choose to have a button in the middle of the train and a loop on the train. This way, you can roll up and secure the tow. When the button and thread are transparent or in the same color as the dress, you can barely see it’s there.


If your dress is made from a fragile fabric, then choose strong magnets. Place the magnets on the inside of your wedding dress and on the tow to bring up the train and make sure the magnets are in the right place. You won’t even notice them. Make sure you practice dancing with your dress on so you know the magnets work well enough to hold your train up.

Hold it up and together

Try to wrap up the train and holding it together when you go dancing to find out if this is a convenient way for you.

Also, it is useful to practice dancing in your wedding dress. If you take dance lessons, it is helpful to perform the dress with a practice dress or your wedding dress.

How do you dance in a dress with a train?

It might sound challenging to try to dance on the dance floor and tie up or fasten the train, and maybe your caught in the middle because you love the look of a train, but you still want to dance with your loved ones, so here comes versatility and the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice your wedding dress dreams, you can have a dramatic train that is completely detachable for when you’re ready to party. If you haven’t opted for a removable one, it could be a great option, and you can have a whole new look!

Here are some options:

  • Plan B: purchase a different dress for the party.

  • Pro tip: One solution with outdoor weddings (dirt, mud, and grass come to my mind) is to have an aisle runner that you can walk down or have your maid of honor follow behind you and carry your train.

How long was the world’s longest wedding train?

Can you believe that the world’s longest wedding dress train could almost cover Mount Everest?

The longest and spectacular wedding dress train is 26,559 ft. 8 in, was achieved by Dynamic Projects in Caudry, a French town famous for its production of lace on December 9, 2017.

Fifteen volunteers spent two months stitching all the pieces of the train before sewing them all together. The train was then attached to the wedding dress using a decorative belt.

The funny thing is that they previously achieved this Guinness World Record in 2006, and 11 years later they wanted to get the record back, they also incorporated part of the previous record garment into this one as well.

The Guinness World Records title was attempted as part of Telethon 2017, the lace used to make the train was all donated.

Inspiration from Disney: Disney wedding trains!

Disney destination weddings are popular and for a good reason. Who wouldn’t want to get married in front of a castle? If you’re an aspiring Disney bride, these Disney wedding train pictures might be enough to inspire you to go to Disney for your special day!

If you do want to have your wedding at Disney, or in the Disney area, check out Florida’s top production stylist, Lori Loftis. Using her services, you can have your dress steamed for your special day so you can look your absolute best. 

Why you should invest in dress steaming:

Wrinkles are common on any fabric. Typically you’ll receive your dress in a garment bag, and it may not come out of the bag as crisp as you’d like. First, immediately hang it on a padded hanger. Give it some time for wrinkles to fall out naturally.

The problem comes from the wrinkles that do not fall out naturally. There are entire industries dedicated to fabric and wedding dress care simply because it’s not so simple. 

Each type of fabric will require different care, and some material is more robust than others. We’ve all accidentally ruined a favorite outfit in an attempt to de-wrinkle it. It’s a bummer. Can you imagine doing that to your wedding dress?

Unless you are a professional yourself, it is a sound investment to pay for a dress steaming service. They know their fabrics and exactly how to take care of them. It’s also one less thing you need to worry about.


Adding a train to your dress isn’t essential, but it sure is fun. You make a lot of effort on your wedding to make sure your train looks terrific, the venue (Disney anyone?) is the perfect destination, and it’s worth it to invest in help when it comes to making sure that effort equals a beautiful gown. 

After picking which train you’ll be wearing, make sure you also book a steaming service.

Jessica Prieto