What To Wear On Your Wedding Day!

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Wrap up in comfort!

Wondering what to wear while getting ready on your wedding day? You’ll need to find your getting-ready outfit since the process can often take a few hours. No matter what you choose to wear, just make sure is easy to take off, we know you don’t want to mess your makeup and hair since this is your special day.

There are so many options available for your getting-ready outfit. While most brides choose the classic hotel robes, we still have silk robes, cute pajamas, button-down shirts, hoodies, or anything with a wide neck will work too.

PRO TIP: These getting ready outfits can turn into a great bridesmaid thank-you gift!

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Opt for silk

Opt for luxurious and gorgeous matching silk robes for everyone to wrap up in while getting ready. Get each lady a solid robe in her favorite color, or get a match floral/print design in a color that everyone would like, while you’re wearing the same robe but in white.

If you’ll be at a public place like a hair salon, consider wearing a button-down shirt on the morning of your special day. And here you’ve got a lot of options too! You can put a monogram on the front pocket to honor your squad, or get the fabric according to your wedding’s theme (country, garden, tropical, romantic, modern…)

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Consider hoodies or long sleeves.

If it’s cold out, opt to give a matching hoodie to your group while staying cozy and warm on your special day. You can personalize them with each bridesmaid’s name or with a wedding inscription.

Also, don’t forget about your getting-ready photo shots, so you must select the right garments until you find something you love.

What did you wear while getting your makeup/hair done? Answer in the comments below! Thanks for reading. Check out these other tips for brides.

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