Wedding Day Shoe Hack!

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Pain free shoes!

Before you say “I can’t do this anymore”, consider this practical and smart move: having two pairs of shoes on your wedding day!

Wear your statement shoe for the wedding.

Using your statement and pretty not-so-comfortable heels for the ceremony and photos is a great idea, but keeping them later than that definitely isn’t. Before that one pair starts hurting (which we all know is going to happen), change them into a comfy pair of heels for the reception so you have something you can dance in.

You can even exchange your comfy heels for some sophisticated ballet-style slippers or a chic pair of flats for backup.

We know it sounds crazy

but it’s for a good reason! Conquer your wedding day with the right shoes!

If you need some wedding day shoe inspiration, check out this round-up of shoes brides wore on their big day. There’s everything here from hiking boots to high heels. There’s no wrong way to dress your feet!

  1. Classic his and hers.

2. The really high heel.

3. Hiking for love.

4. Shiny meets classic.

5. Beachy heels.

6. The thick moody heel.

7. Your something blue.

8. Who said red isn’t classy?

9. The dainty comfortable shoe.

10. Pearly white.

11. Earth tones his and hers.

12. The good wife shoe.

13. Seeking love and comfort with sneakers.

14. Rose gold for your feet.

If this post inspired you to choose a comfortable shoe and a statement wedding shoe, leave a comment below! If you’re having a wedding soon, get more great wedding tips below.

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