"Behind the scenes production styling tips from Lori Loftis."

If you're just starting out as a stylist, it can be overwhelming to learn all of the tricks of the trade. It's easy to be drawn to the glamorous side of being a stylist, but the hurdles stylists encounter are much less sexy. Between the Florida heat and clothes that won't stay in place, getting the right shot can be a challenge. 

 Fear not! As an experienced wardrobe stylist, I've picked up a few tips and tricks while working behind the scenes. These tips will keep your clothes in place, stain-free, and make sure your end result is without any surprise effects. No matter your experience level, these production styling tips will make your shoot go smoother.  

 My tried and real tips for production styling!

1) Double-sided fashion tape is a MUST.

Use it to hold straps in place, keep strapless tops from slipping down, or hold a jacket open to just the perfect width for seeing the shirt under it. You can also tape necklace pendants down to keep them from moving. These are only a few of the many potential ways to use double-sided tape. The potentials are nearly limitless for what double-sided tape can be used for because it can be used to tape down just about anything on clothing or skin without harming either. I wouldn't do a shoot without it!

2) Use disposable garment shields in hot climates.

Florida is HOT, and sweating is unavoidable in all humid climates. Disposable garment shields protect garments from sweat stains and extend the life of the garment. Use them to avoid stains around armpits, waistbands, under bra bands, around collars, and almost anywhere sweat can build up. These can make the difference between saving the day or letting mother nature get in the way. Sometimes you have to get a little creative and cut them to fit just the right spot, but that's an easy fix.

3) Avoid busy patterns.

When styling for photography or videography, specific patterns can cause distracting visuals. Small stripes, houndstooth, and otherwise busy patterns will actually create a vibrating effect. It can be seen on camera like a flicking movement, especially when shooting videos. To keep unwanted visuals out of your end result, leave the busy garments at home. 

We stylists are creatives. The best part of creating is the actual creating, not all of the in-between learning curves. You have an eye for production styling, but not every shoot goes as planned. To make the behind the scenes production go smoothly, learn how to tackle obstacles that may arise. If you're dealing with a fashion emergency, that takes away from the end result. Once you're experienced in what problems may arise, you'll be equally experienced in how to solve them efficiently. These three tips are essential for making productions go smoother, so you can spend your time doing what you do best: Creating your best work possible. 

Get yourself a roll of double-sided tape, disposable garment shields, and add these to your arsenal of production styling tips.

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