All about styling your accessories.


Accessories tie every outfit together,

they can change any look instantly and they speak a lot about your personality, so take your time to find accessories you love and that you will wear, there’s no point in spending a lot of money to never take the accessories out of their boxes.

You can find your fashion style with accessories,

think about that something you feel passionate about and collect it, it can be your thing and you can be known because of that. Accessories goes from necklaces, earrings, watches, scarves, bags, etc., invest in those you really love so they can become your mark and you are set to identify your fashion style.

Make a Pinterest board!

Make a Pinterest board with the accessories you like and you will see what you love and will use the most, you can never go wrong with those accessories! Remember to bright your outfits with accessories when your outfits aren’t all that inspired.

Don’t forget about shoes!

You need to match your shoes with your outfit, or visa versa, they can become your favorite accessory too.

Don’t forget to think about your go-to shoes for every occasion!

Take pics!

If you feel awesome on your OOTD, don’t think twice and take pics, you can make an album for future references that will help you to recreate similar looks in the future. Then, you can focus on the outfits of the pics and describe the vibe and that way it would be easier to define your fashion style.

Take note of repeats.

We can’t lie, we all have a closet full of certain items, maybe wearing them makes us feel happy, beautiful or comfortable, identify that item and embrace it.

It can become your signature piece as well as your favorite accessory and that way you can reflect your personality and find your fashion style.

Share how you like to spice up your outfits with accessories below in the comments! What’s your go-to accessory?

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