How To Identify Your Fashion Style

How to Identify your fashion style.

Do you feel your clothes are boring? You’ve come to the right place!

Personal and fashion style are essential to express your personality and who you are, finding yours is like figuring out your own signature.

If you’ve never taken the time to identify your personal style, no worries, on the following post, we are going to reveal the steps to discover the style that truly speaks to your most fashionable side.

Identify your fashion style here!

Study and know your body shape

Identify your strengths and build on them! Knowing your body shape (straight, pear, apple, spoon, hourglass, oval, diamond…etc.) will help you know specific ways to dress your body type, what kind of clothes would look great on you and which cuts, sleeves and necklines flatter your curves the most.

You’ll have a solid basis to build your own personal and fashion style once you study and learn what accentuate your features.

Dress for the body you have now and modify the look

Dress for the body you have today! Love the body you have now, it is ok if you want a fitter body or to bulk up but you need clothes that fit your current body.

So avoid storing clothes you may never going to wear and make sure next time you go shopping you buy things that are your current size. Remember that clothes are here to do your body justice!

Now that you know your body type, you can create your own style by modifying the looks you want according to it. Focus on how the clothes are fitting you and if there’s anything you want to modify you should contact a tailor to make the adjustments you want so they fit you properly.

Dress for your lifestyle and goals

You need to dress how you want to present yourself to the world. Think about who you want to become in the future and how your current style decisions will impact on the future.

It has to make sense in your overall lifestyle, the place you live in, your field of work, your activities, the weather of the place you live in, etc., but always aligned with your goals. Otherwise, those clothes won’t leave your closet because you’ll never get the chance to use them.

Dress how you want to be addressed, keep your dreams and your self-improvement in mind. Think in terms of style and practicality when it comes to your lifestyle but let your clothes remind you of your future goals.

Find influences and style icons

To help you identify your fashion style, you need to find out who your style icons are and who your influences will be.
Find inspiration by searching for a style icon (famous or not) or someone you know personally, whose style you like or identify with, this can be someone who has your body type (or maybe it doesn’t match, so you need to edit their look to fit your body type), to see how they dress in their daily life and try to emulate them in your own unique way.

You will be better able to decide how to dress yourself or while shopping on pieces for your wardrobe if you do a bit of research of style icons on Pinterest or Instagram and save the images you like the most from their looks and use it like a fashion guide.

Probably you think that achieving the look of famous people is impossible if you don’t have their budget, but you can make your style icon’s look your own with some smart shopping when you find pieces that have the same flare but for less.


Now that you have a better idea of how to find your presonal style, you’ll be dressing to impress and for success in no time.

Leave a comment below about your favorite personal look. (I personally love rompers).

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