You know how it goes... You have an idea that's your brightest ever. You know exactly what you want and when you want it. But how do you achieve it? That's easy. You call Loftis Production Services.

We'll make sure that the wardrobe for your project matches your vision in every way, shape and form. We'll shop it, prep it, dress it, style it and strike it—all according to the specifications and visual approval of you, our valued client. So what's your next project? Contact us and we'll chat!

In this arena, we specialize in:

  • Marketing and promotional photography shoots
  • Film and television productions
  • Bringing your vision to life!

Whether it's an interview, a reunion, or the instant a gallant groom sees his blushing bride walk down the aisle…first impressions count. That's where we come in. We can help you look and feel your absolute best so that your one first impression becomes a beautiful, unforgettable moment in time. Let us help bring out the very best YOU imaginable.

Allow us to assist you with your:

  • Travel/vacation attire
  • Professional/career wardrobe
  • Bringing your vision to life! Bringing your vision to life!
  • Black-tie event
  • Corporate gift purchases
  • Everyday attire—from shopping to closet organization!

Closet Audit: A closet audit is an opportunity to review everything in your wardrobe as it pertains to your life & style, goals and needs. Think of Loftis Production Services as your most loyal and honest friend that will help you get your wardrobe going in the right direction. The benefit of an audit is it helps you to organize your closet and feel confident you look your best, we may even be able to reinvent your look by simply coordinating pieces you currently own.


Before you say "I do" to your special someone, say "I do" to Loftis Production Services. We know how stressful preparing for your big day can be—so we're here to take that stress away, and to help make those preparations go as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible.

PSST... mention this ad when scheduling a bridal gown preparation through the web site request form and you will receive an attendant garment (MOB, MOG, MOH, BM, Flower Girl dress or Grooms suit) steamed FREE of charge. Our wedding gift to you!

Gown Steaming

Your gown steaming appointment will either be scheduled the day before your ceremony or no later than 2 hours before your wedding or photography session on the day of your event. We will arrive at your choice of venue and please remember that an additional 20 minutes will be required for each additional garment that needs to be prepared. For early morning weddings, we recommend prepping the day before your event. Please submit a reservation request and we will contact you with details and a final quote. Payment in the form of cash or check is due when all steaming and preparation services are complete and approved by bride or wedding party.

Gown Preservation

Your gown will be professionally cleaned and preserved by a Certified Specialist. In a rare instance, a gown may yellow over a long period of time. In the unlikely event that this does occur, we would be happy to reprocess your gown at no additional charge. Should we be unable to remove the yellow, your preservation cost will be refunded.

Proper handling of your bridal gown is always recommended as not to cause damage or compromise the preservation of your gown.Always store your gown in a Cool, Dry, Climate Controlled area. Never store your gown in a hot attic or damp basement.